Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July and Summer 2010

So much going on this summer with traveling, visitors and just being busy! Here is a bit of our summer so far...

We went to Andiee's buddy, Durkes's birthday party...and they got to ride ponies!! Andiee's first time ever on a pony/horse and she loved it!!...especially since it had a pink saddle!

There was also a 2 week old baby colt they brought cute..and little!

Happy 3rd Birthday Durkes!!!!

Been doing lots of swimming and park is Andiee and Mikayla. They love holding hands where ever they go together...SOOO cute!!

Andiee's Papa and Grandma Smith came to visit over 4th of July weekend. Andiee had too much fun decorating Papa's face with her stickers!

We went on a little hike above our house

Kyle's parents - Larry and Karla

Andiee's new swimming pool...her and Mikayla trying it out for the first time.

Andiee and Mikayla taking a break from swimming

4th of July BBQ...two cuties with their corn! (=

...and enjoying Nanette's delisious 4th of July cupcakes

We did 2 nights of fireworks...Andiee doing sparklers

Our good friends Patrick, Nanette, Mikayla and baby Cameron came over to celebrate 4th of July with us.

Cute little baby Cameron...SUCH a good baby!!

Daddy and Andiee at the 4th of July parade/carnival

Daddy and Andiee riding the little cow train

Andiee and her first pet...a frog!

Our second night of her jammies and crazy hair, but loving it!

Ok...maybe we are both loving it by the looks on our faces! (=
Our blond hair, brown eyed cutie!!!!!!!!!!

And again....

Papa reading a bedtime story

More hiking ( are a bit mixed up)

Little hiker

Love hiking in the mountains by our house...over 9000 feet high...and beautiful!!

LOTS of fun in the pool

Layton's 4th parade

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Pete and Ash said...

Ahhhhh she just keep getting cute! =) Looks like you guys had a fantastic 4th!! =) I love the photo of Kyle in the little train with her .. ha! The things you do for your kids right?! =)

Any chance you'll be in WA Oct 14th or after?!?! We'll be home for a really short week .. but we'd love to see you if possible! =)

Hope you're doing great! Looks like amazing hiking around there! We'll totally have to come visit sometime and join in the fun!

Hugs to you - Ash